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How You Can Make CBD Infused Wine

It seems like cannabidiol or CBD as it is more commonly known is being infused into just about every food product. From standard CBD edibles such as gummies, brownies, and cookies to sauces and other food products, CBD seems to be everywhere. And now that includes CBD wine which is becoming quite popular. What is […]

CBD Infused Wine: Here is What You Need To Know

CBD edibles have become quite popular in a short amount of time. However, eating foods and products infused with CBD isn’t your only option – you can also consume CBD in the form of cannabis wine. Much like edibles, cannabis wine gives users a way to enjoy the benefits of CBD via oral consumption. What […]

Types of Wine Racks

When you think about starting a wine collection, the term ‘collection’ alone signifies that you’re going to have plenty of bottles that are going to need just as much room to be stored. How to store your wine is a decision that is just as crucial as what wines you choose to buy, whether that […]

This Poison Ring was used to Poison Kings

In the Middle Ages, if you wanted to do away with an enemy discreetly it wasn’t that hard to do. All you had to do was poison their drink and let nature take its course. This was how successors took over the throne of kingdoms. The poison was carried around inside of a secret compartment […]

Winery Faces Discrimination Allegations

Employee rights and workplace discrimination are still a constant topic of debate all around the country. And despite the efforts for creating a safe and equal-rights workplace environment, there are plenty of situations in which a wrongful termination attorney is needed. Plenty of people still have several discrimination allegations to fight, ranging from unfair salary […]