Types of Wine Racks

wine refrigerator When you think about starting a wine collection, the term ‘collection’ alone signifies that you’re going to have plenty of bottles that are going to need just as much room to be stored. How to store your wine is a decision that is just as crucial as what wines you choose to buy, whether that is storing them in a wine refrigerator or on a simple rack, there are benefits to all available options. The ways that proper wine storage helps the wine become more mature and flavorful over time are numerous. For starters, placing the bottles at the correct orientation to keep the corks wet while reducing the amount of direct light that falls on the bottle help keep the wine from over-oxidizing. The right storage also makes it easier to turn the bottles while they are stored and may help you better determine which bottle you want to open for the night.

With many different wine racks available to you as you go about starting a wine collection, you might not know which rack is best for you. There are a few things to consider before embarking on the journey including: the number of bottles you want to store if you’re looking to expand your collection; how much space is available in your home for wine storage; and how much money you want to invest in the storage. Once you understand your requirements, you can start considering your options.

1. Stackable Wine Racks
Stackable wine racks are good for beginners who want to start small or don’t have a lot of room. The amount of racks can easily grow larger as your collection does just by buying new racks and stacking them atop one another. They require minimal installation and are a good choice to get your collection up and running.

starting a wine collection 2. Wall-Mounted Wine Racks
A wall-mounted rack is particularly good for smaller spaces, and they come with the benefit of being extra sturdy, which makes them great for anyone with a large collection. Not only are they practical, they also serve as a nice bit of decor for the walls.

3. Countertop and Tabletop Wine Racks
A tabletop rack is a good choice for casual drinkers as it only holds a few bottles at a time. If you don’t have the means or space to install a wine room or cellar, these racks make it easy to keep wine on hand to pop in the wine refrigerator or open when company arrives without much fuss.

4. Wine Cabinet
A wine cabinet is ideal for modest collectors who have limited space to store wine. A cabinet is usually able to hold a dozen bottles or more and usually has room for wine glasses and other such accessories. You can easily place a cabinet in any room in the house, and the solid doors without glass make the bottles less likely to be affected by light.

No matter where you are on your wine journey, there are plenty of racks and storage opportunities for you to take advantage of.

This Poison Ring was used to Poison Kings

poison ringIn the Middle Ages, if you wanted to do away with an enemy discreetly it wasn’t that hard to do. All you had to do was poison their drink and let nature take its course. This was how successors took over the throne of kingdoms. The poison was carried around inside of a secret compartment in a ring and could easily be dumped into an enemy’s drink without them noticing. The poison ring today is made more for its beauty and looks than for functionality. This particular style of ring became popular as the wearer of the ring could keep perfume or small mementos inside the ring. It follows the style of the original but without the darker past that it was known for. The original rings had many uses, which is why they were so popular then and remain popular today.



Perfume Dispenser
Long ago, perfume was in solid form and could be used as a sachet to compensate for bad odors. A small bit of concentrated perfume was placed inside the ring compartment and could be dabbed on the wrist or could be held up to the nose to cover unpleasant odors. This was before the days of air freshener and the smells of garbage and sewers were quite intense when the temperatures rose.

A Mourner’s Ring
Another use for this style of jewelry was to keep small mementos from a deceased loved one. A small lock of hair could be kept inside the ring while in mourning or as a way to remember them. Before the creation of these rings, people would wear keepsakes on a string around the neck or tied to their waist.

A Ring to Poison Kings
Perhaps the most popular use for this type of ring was to poison an enemy to steal their kingdom. In the days of kings and queens, the threat of being poisoned was real. The king had an official wine taster that would sample every glass of wine that was poured for him to make sure it had not been poisoned. He also had a food taster and if anything happened to either of these subjects it would be an obvious attack on the king. You might think that this idea is more from movies like Romeo and Juliet or Hamlet, but an ancient poison ring with a small opening could be used to poison a glass of wine without anybody noticing. It had to do with how the ring was worn and the method of pouring the wine. The ring was worn in such a way that the hole in the ring was covered until just the right moment and the contents would be dumped as the hand was turned over, pouring the wine into the cup. Normally, when pouring wine from a bottle the hand is on top and the back of the hand faces up. So this method is completely backward to the normal way of doing it. Because the back of the hand would face downward, this became a suspicious act and was considered offensive or something a traitor would do.

glass of wineSuspicious Deaths
There were a lot of suspicious deaths in the old days. Around the time of the 17th century, if a king died without a successor (an heir) the throne would be assumed by his immediate family member, usually a brother or another close relative. If a family member decided that they wanted to become king all they had to do was arrange for the king to be killed in battle or consume a poisoned glass of wine. They were guaranteed to be crowned and take over the throne. There were many occasions throughout history where this was suspected to have happened. Such as the death of King William I. He died in a hunting accident and his brother Henry assumed over the throne. Many deaths could be attributed to accidents or poisoning in Medieval times.

Poison tipped darts – Poison has been used for centuries as a hunting tool and for self-protection. Indigenous tribes used a substance made from a plant in South America (curari) that affects the neuromuscular system and produces paralysis of the victim after entering the bloodstream. It was used as a medicine in the early creation of anethesia because it wasn’t lethal unless it was in the blood.

Poisoned Wine or Food – this became a popular method of disposing of one’s enemies because it could be done discretely and without leaving any evidence. It was an efficient way to eliminate rivals or political enemies. Because there was no method of food preservation the deaths were often assumed to be from food that had gone bad or spoiled. Poisoning a glass of wine or bowl of soup at dinnertime became an easy way to get rid of those who opposed you or to get what you wanted (to become the next king). However, because of this, new kings and rulers had to keep a watchful eye out for someone trying to do the same to them.

glass of wineA Method for Suicide
Old spy novels used to have all kinds of gadgets for protection and there was always a cyanide capsule for use if the spy was caught. They would be expected to commit suicide rather than be caught and tortured for information. Poison rings were also used for this purpose. Although spies were different in ancient times, it was still better to die by your own hand than to be tortured and killed by an enemy. If you were facing death by beheading or torture, it might have been the least painful option.

Poison rings have been popular throughout history for various reasons. They are beautiful and stylish, a wonderful accessory for any wardrobe. Modern rings in this style can be fashioned out of silver or gold with jewels or decorative stones to create a gorgeous piece of wearable art.

Winery Faces Discrimination Allegations

wine cellar Employee rights and workplace discrimination are still a constant topic of debate all around the country. And despite the efforts for creating a safe and equal-rights workplace environment, there are plenty of situations in which a wrongful termination attorney is needed. Plenty of people still have several discrimination allegations to fight, ranging from unfair salary to discrimination concerning termination.

In case you didn’t remember it, back in 2016, all the news focused on the Northern California lawsuit on race discrimination. The wrongful termination attorney who pursued this had all the tools required to win it. And as a result, it raised a signal concerning how employers treat minorities.

The wrongful termination attorneys submitted the lawsuit at the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission based on the premise that Farmers Insurance had discriminatory practices in regardsto two of its Asian American employees. Such allegations appeared shortly after the two Asian

American employees were terminated, even though their white colleagues from a different race weren’t so. Such behavior violated Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and California’s Fair Employment and Housing Act.

wrongful termination attorneyBut besides this Farmers Insurance lawsuit, there was another particular case in that year revolving a wine cellar in Napa Valley. There three African American workers were part of a wine cellar project, and they were hired to manage wine bottles in the location. Still, their supervisor constantly belittled them, which led to one of the workers complaining about discriminatory behavior. But the management of the wine cellar faced an additional lawsuit.

First of all, the discrimination lawsuit to protect the employees from a different race was issued. And secondly, a retaliation allegation lawsuit was pursued. This happened since the employee that complained about discrimination was terminated rather than moved to another location. As such, the wine cellar owner was reminded that the existing law that prohibits employers from discrimination against employees from a protected class and, of course, that retaliation after complaints of discrimination is not permitted by law.

When you need a wrongful termination attorney?

wine cellarWith the situation of the wine cellar in mind, you might ask yourself when to seek the adviceof a wrongful termination attorney. Wrongful termination refers to any illegal motive forfiring an individual, including:
Discrimination – it is prohibited by law to fire an employee due to his race, color, national origin, religion, sex, disability, genetic information, or age;
Retaliation – it is prohibited by law to fire an employee because he complained about harassment, discrimination, workplace safety, wage or hour violation;
In several states, it is illegal to fire an employee due to reasons most people would find morally wrong. As such, if an employee refuses to commit an unlawful act, like lying to auditors about a situation in the company, the employer is forbidden by law to fire the individual.

Tips for starting a wine collection

Having a bottle of old wine is equivalent to preserving an important chapter from history. The vintage wines are known for their natural blending, which takes years to acquire the taste which can never be found in a year old wine. Wine collection of rare wines is one of the most attractive collection one can have, and have high value in the market. Remember the price of the same bottle of wine from 30 years ago will be 100 times expensive than a year old one. The cost of the wine also depends on the stories connected with them, if there is a great tale behind a bottle, the pleasure of drinking it will be much more. If you want to start your own wine collection, these are the things you will have to keep in mind.

Have a disposable income

If you do not have enough for the rest of your house, there is no point showcasing just your wine cellar. Apart from just buying the wines, you will also need to invest in proper storage, insurance, documentation, and security of the bottles as they can cost more than a fortune at times.

Keep a track

You need to have accurate data on your collection of bottles and where you have placed them. Proper management is necessary and will come handy while giving others a tour of your cellar, so you can tell them which bottle has what story behind it.

Invest in a good cellar

Wines can be an expensive asset. You need to build a good cellar with security and idle temperature. You can have your basement made into a cellar, or you can purchase a solid metal unit for keeping your wines safe.

Wines require a good initial value

There are many enthusiasts and hotels who like to have the best wines for themselves. Investing at a good initial value for wines now can help in getting a huge return in the future. The initial amount of a wine matter as it is meant to grow higher later.


Keep a documented record of wines

It is important that you have proof of the value and originality of the wine is written, just like any other collection. Keep the documents as safe as your wines because you will need them while trading the wines again in the future.

Have a routined wine collection appraisal

The collector market is extremely volatile, and the value of the wine can degrade if it does not come under the regular notice of the market. You should have a record over time of what value does your entire cellar hold.

Keep them safe and undisturbed

Your wines need proper care and pampering. Even if you are a proud owner and love your collection, avoid disturbing the nourishment by going inside your cellar and taking out the bottles again and again. Keep them away from the reach of hands.

Start small

You do not need a huge wine collection to boast. A good little cellar is sweet enough to show your passion for wines, which is enough to make you a member of wine collector groups in your area. Meet the individuals in your area who can help you to find the wines you want and also trade some good ones.