Tips for starting a wine collection

Having a bottle of old wine is equivalent to preserving an important chapter from history. The vintage wines are known for their natural blending, which takes years to acquire the taste which can never be found in a year old wine. Wine collection of rare wines is one of the most attractive collection one can have, and have high value in the market. Remember the price of the same bottle of wine from 30 years ago will be 100 times expensive than a year old one. The cost of the wine also depends on the stories connected with them, if there is a great tale behind a bottle, the pleasure of drinking it will be much more. If you want to start your own wine collection, these are the things you will have to keep in mind.

Have a disposable income

If you do not have enough for the rest of your house, there is no point showcasing just your wine cellar. Apart from just buying the wines, you will also need to invest in proper storage, insurance, documentation, and security of the bottles as they can cost more than a fortune at times.

Keep a track

You need to have accurate data on your collection of bottles and where you have placed them. Proper management is necessary and will come handy while giving others a tour of your cellar, so you can tell them which bottle has what story behind it.

Invest in a good cellar

Wines can be an expensive asset. You need to build a good cellar with security and idle temperature. You can have your basement made into a cellar, or you can purchase a solid metal unit for keeping your wines safe.

Wines require a good initial value

There are many enthusiasts and hotels who like to have the best wines for themselves. Investing at a good initial value for wines now can help in getting a huge return in the future. The initial amount of a wine matter as it is meant to grow higher later.


Keep a documented record of wines

It is important that you have proof of the value and originality of the wine is written, just like any other collection. Keep the documents as safe as your wines because you will need them while trading the wines again in the future.

Have a routined wine collection appraisal

The collector market is extremely volatile, and the value of the wine can degrade if it does not come under the regular notice of the market. You should have a record over time of what value does your entire cellar hold.

Keep them safe and undisturbed

Your wines need proper care and pampering. Even if you are a proud owner and love your collection, avoid disturbing the nourishment by going inside your cellar and taking out the bottles again and again. Keep them away from the reach of hands.

Start small

You do not need a huge wine collection to boast. A good little cellar is sweet enough to show your passion for wines, which is enough to make you a member of wine collector groups in your area. Meet the individuals in your area who can help you to find the wines you want and also trade some good ones.